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anarchist dog walking collective

Muse Collective Reading, May 2023

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An anarchist dog walking collective based in Washington D.C. navigates the complicated shift in regime from Obama’s first election all the way through Trump’s presidency to the January 6th insurrection. As politicians shuffle in and out of service, this group of passionate, compassionate oddballs must find their own sense of belonging in a tumultuous nation and strain to separate the political agendas of owners from the dogs they own. Along the way, the collective members seek their own sense of belonging in a tumultuous nation. 


Through birth certificates and marriage equality, #metoo and COVID, this intrepid group of misfits fights for a brighter future for others like them, asking what it means to protect and to nurture: ideas as well as dogs. In a country whose structures seem increasingly unstable and impossible to triumph over each day, can they keep their collective from fracturing, and keep hope alive?

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