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Gad's Hill

An original musical that examines the five weeks Danish fairy tale Hans Christian Andersen spent as the houseguest of Charles Dickens and what led to their ensuing estrangement.

Lumberjack in Forest


 In 2016, Dinty Moore, a beef stew company, named after a lumberjack, launched a new marketing campaign where a real lumberjack would train a group of urbanite lumbersexuals to compete at the Lumberjack Olympics.. The musical Timber! follows the would-be-lumberjacks as they compete to reconnect to the environment as well as the genius marketing team who brought them there.

In Progress

La Claque

By 1830, an insidious staple of the Parisian arts scene was the claque, a coterie of audience plants who, for an appropriate fee, would provide applause, cheers, tears, etc as appropriate. La Claque, an original musical, follows  young Solange, the most talented pleureuse (a claquer who specializes in crying)  as she navigates her place between two worlds: the claque she has always called home and a darker world beyond, erupting in political rebellion and its bloody aftermath. 


Moon Landscape

This musical weaves together two true stories: that of Petr Ginz, a boy genius living in a Czech concentration camp in 1944 and the story of Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli man to enter outer space.

In Progress
Vintage Baseball Poster

Switch Hitters

A musical based on a true story when two beloved 1973 Yankee pitchers publicly announced that they were switching wives. This musical examines this bizarre moment in American history where American idols and American dreams seemed to splinter for many.

In Progress
Sprinkle Covered Cake


A musical tale of kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, and the lies bound into our society about gender roles, predators, a woman’s role, and helplessness. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast from the point of view of the enchanted and enlightened fork nobody ever listens to.

In Progress
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