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Pirate Flag

Queer Pirate Radio

A group of queer friends in the 1960s seizes the airwaves, creating their own rogue radio broadcasts that put their own queer spin on entertainment of the time. An Audio Play

Opera Actor

Forbidding Love

In a slightly dystopian future, two passionate censors fall in love as they collaborate to excise any objectionable content from Romeo & Juliet10 minute play with heightened language.

Rainbow Flag

Pride Cometh & Cometh & Overcometh

Welcome to Wrath Month, Target shoppers! In order to protest Pride Month, a group of zealous demonstrators mockingly stage a celebration of another, less popular deadly sin. A ten-minute comedy.

Playing with Slime

The Quarantine Monologues

A one-act "monologue cycle” that functions both as a cohesive whole and as a “chocolate box” of individual monologues centered around quarantine actors can pick from for their individual use.


A True-Blue, Red-Blooded, White-Housed, All-American, Semi-Shakespearean Christmas Covfefe 

Melania has a bold design for the White House Christmas decorations, and it isn’t just the color scheme she’s intent on changing...

Video Consultation


In the midst of a global pandemic, two strangers meet online to watch a piece of theater and connect over the magic of theater. A ten-minute play. 



Four college students explore their Asian-American identity through food, language, and, of course, Teletubbies. Experimental One-Act Made in collaboration with students at The North Carolina School of the Arts.


Closet Drama

A series of closet dramas written to be read aloud by regular people in their homes with friends instead of being performed on-stage. An attempt to expand our accepted definition of theater to be more accessible, active, and cathartic.



After mating with and eating her husband, as normal for her species, a widow spider feels a bit stuck in finding her next thrill in life. A one-minute play.

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