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queer work

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No Rest in Peace

Queer Southerners who grew up amidst the tradition of Civil War Reenactments attempt to embody the world they want to see by recreating historical moments of peaceful protest

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Lip Scrub

The Former Miss Pillow Lips of Lower Swannanoa

Paul wants a blowjob. His girlfriend Danica wants to pray about it. And Grant, the only gay kid in a small Southern town, wants human contact that extends beyond no-strings blowjobs.

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Fourth of July Airplanes

Eleanor Roosevelt Can Fly, Bitches!

In an Alternate American History, Eleanor Roosevelt takes flying lessons from Amelia Earhart. Lesson by lesson. the two fall in lust, then love, make their relationship public, and then navigate the new America they want to carve out together, as undeniably queer icons and trailblazers. 

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Gay Sex Sounds

While coaching a childhood bully through a voiceover recording session for a gay sex video game, a gay video game designer ignites a twisted exploration of power, intimacy, and gay sex education.

An audioplay.

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I, Ratburn

Your favorite cartoon rat educator is here to set the record straight on his Special Someone...and we DO mean straight...

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Jizz & Jingoism:
A Queer SadoMarxist Romance

A cozy gay baker.
A penetrating lesbian filmmaker.
A ruthless politician 
and his pornstar doppelganger...           It's about to get messy! 

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