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The Intimacy Director

Excerpts Performed with The Muse Collective,
October 2022


Ringo’s an Intimacy Director whose queer body doesn’t know how to connect outside a rehearsal room. Xavier’s a cop on leave who doesn’t know what to do with his anger. Susannah is a blocked sculptor whose art, according to the latest tweets, isn’t Black enough. One sweltering Minneapolis summer, as the city rises around them in protest, these three lost souls can’t escape the call of home or the startling new intimacy that threatens to engulf them.

***What is an Intimacy Director? ***

The job description is a recent innovation, gaining worldwide momentum from the Me Too Movement. In theater and film, stunt directors have long been employed to safely choreograph moments of tricky physical exertion. But until now, little thought has been given to more intimate moments of physical exertion. Increasingly, Intimacy Directors are being hired to facilitate scenes involving physical touch, ranging from moments of sexual tension to sequences involving nudity, simulated sex, and even “simple” familial intimacy. Part choreographer, part coach, and part therapist, they are the person in the room tasked with discussing and understanding an actor’s comfort with various types of touch, advocating for a safe environment, physically and emotionally. 

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