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One October night in 1999, two preteens meet at a sleep-study for bedwetting. Bonding over hidden wounds and desperate dreams, these two lost souls embark upon a dangerous game that will upend their lives and reunite them for a cataclysmic endgame twenty years later. 

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A Scouts Guide to
Life as We Know It

In the throes of Trump’s America, three boy scouts grapple with what it means to be an American man, while three girl scouts fight to come of age as women in the same society.  

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The Weatherman

A stormchaser attempts to bond with her son's mail-order Romanian bride while dealing with burgeoning romantic feelings for the local weatherman who's predicting the end of the world is near. And it looks like he may be right…


Operation: Fantasia

In this fantasia of mythology, superstition, technology, absurdity, history, and ethnocentricity, a group of American scientists brainstorms unconventional defense strategies in the wake of Pearl Harbor. 

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Death Skanks

What do you do when you're fifteen and trying to investigate the mysterious death of a frenemy? Crack open the spirit world through a kickass seance--DUH!!!

Performance Art

Birthday Boy

A clown and a magician perform at a child’s birthday party and soon get sucked into a dark, Beckettian world where time seems to stop as his mother throws her son a new party each day, determined to win his affection. Part Waiting for Godot, part Alice in Wonderland, and part Great Expectations.

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