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The Occasionally Fabulous Codes of Alan Turing & Chris Hughes

A theatrical presentation, “co-written” by Turing and Facebook co-founder Hughes, designed to instruct the user in cracking the codes of technology, gay society, and modern life.


Operation: Fantasia

In this fantasia of mythology, superstition, technology, absurdity, history, and ethnocentricity, a group of American scientists brainstorms unconventional defense strategies in the wake of Pearl Harbor. 

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Believing Cortés might be a god of prophecy, Aztec leader Montezuma welcomed the conquistador with open arms. But what if another candidate appeared at the same time--a little girl explorer with a dream, a backpack, and a hunger for educational television? 

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Members of the NYPD’s Beekeeping Unit encounter a collective of eccentric Brooklyn performance artists/social activists who are creating a performance piece using drone technology to continuously monitor the city’s finest.

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anarchist dog walking collective

An anarchist dog walking collective based in Washington D.C. navigates the complicated shift in regime from Obama’s White House to Trump’s administration.

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The Great American Bathroom Plays

Examines the rich patchwork of American culture through playlets centering around bathrooms. Spanning the full scope of American history, the plays depict Americans of all definitions.

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