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filmed work

Underground Sewer

Castle Doc

Oslo's mother has a door in the basement labeled "The Dark". When Oslo's mother has a question she can't answer by herself, she opens the door and consults The Voice. Oslo thinks every home has such a door. Today, he learns he is the only one. Today, he ventures into The Dark...

An adventure for young(ish) readers...


One Minute Musicals

It’s 1923. Prohibition is in full swing, and Cyrus Fallow refuses to come of age on his small town Kentucky farm. He’s headed to the big city of Chicago, to find himself and his “people.” He soon discovers a flourishing queer scene in the city. Struggling with both spirituality and spirits, Cyrus targets one of the few sources of alcohol legally available and goes undercover as an altar boy so he can smuggle communion wine to his bootlegging friends. Faced with uncomfortable corruption within the Catholic Church, Cyrus struggles to define what is truly deviant in this bold new world.

Novel in Progress

fairy tale_edited.jpg

Original Fairy Tales

A series of original, vibrant fairy tales for the contemplative reader, titles including:

"The Queen's Uncountable Faces of Wrath"

"The Sleepwalker"


"The Corpse Wagon"

"Paradise Postponed"

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