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The Dark

Oslo's mother has a door in the basement labeled "The Dark". When Oslo's mother has a question she can't answer by herself, she opens the door and consults The Voice. Oslo thinks every home has such a door. Today, he learns he is the only one. Today, he ventures into The Dark...

An adventure for young(ish) readers...


Micropenis: A Saga

An American man visiting the Icelandic Phallological Museum on a lengthy airline layover. This situation allows an examination of American perceptions of masculinity set beside the insensate natural world and the more egalitarian Nordic countries, on display both in the museum and in its patrons and staff.


Micropenis: A Saga is a blend of Icelandic saga, epic poetry, and the American poetic tradition. It is an uncharted form that examines how culture and landscape have helped shape our literary traditions. Where is poetry to be found and where the taxonomic? Is there poetry in taxonomy? How do our earliest culture legends define our concept of male/female, animal/man?

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