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The Deliriously Spellbinding Nervous Breakdowns of Three Totally Fictional and Totally Potentially Queer Wizards 

Performed at Akademie Schloss Solitude


Wizarding school is hard! 

You’ve trying to balance your exams with your love life and extracurriculars–not to mention battling the most powerful Dark Lord of all time who flatly refuses to leave you alone! Things feel like they couldn’t possibly get any more complicated for a trio of hormonal magic-folk. 

Only of course they can…because they just discovered they’re all fictional characters and the Author who’s created them is espousing some political viewpoints they don’t necessarily agree with and seems directly at odds with their own current sexual and gender journeys. In this magical riff on Six Characters in Search of an Author, this community of sorcery must deal with the fact of their fictional existence and reexamine their goals. What relationship do they have to their Author’s beliefs, how much do they rebel against their intended storylines, what do they owe a world which they can never belong to? And what does Evil truly look like?

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