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Salem: Post-Mortem

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In Salem: Post Mortem the witches of Salem awaken once more--this time in the afterlife-- to seek resolution of their unfinished stories and confront the fear which left their town in tatters.


When the veneer of Puritan decorum falls away, old voices scramble to regain their status and new voices awaken power they never touched on earth.

Production History

2020 Virtual Production

Produced by The Muse Collective

Directed by Michael Alvarez

Digital Program

Flexible Cast of 6+


Why is everybody so fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials?

When discussing this project, I’ve observed how people’s eyes invariably light up at the subject. Is it the “once upon a time” aspect that excites them? The witches? The trial? Or perhaps it’s the combination: the legal system in all its order and pragmatism entwined with everything chaotic and ethereal and informed by the passions. We say our current nation is built on the strict separation of these two realms, but in the last few weeks, as a new Supreme Court Justice is sworn in on the eve of a presidential election, it’s hard not to question that assertion. It’s hard to believe the Salem witches don’t haunt us still.

Upon reflection, I think the story of the Salem Witch Trials is one of redefined community. A community that built itself turned on itself, forcing each member to question what it meant to be a neighbor, what it meant to trust and believe in those who live beside us. We live with those cracks to this day, and I hope, if anything, Salem: Post-Mortem can bring people together. Its creation certainly brought us together. We filmed across time zones and countries, each actor recording their part individually, throwing a part of themselves out into a void, trusting that, somehow, magically, everything would come together. I’m so proud of what we’ve created, together, however impossible it seemed at first, and hope it is only the beginning of new communities coming together.

Video Excerpts from Virtual Production

Cause and Effect

Face of God

How exactly is the afterlife structured? Three existential Puritans try to wrap their brains around the truth and determine how they can reform it for their benefit.

A farmer contemplates the role he played in his wife’s death.


Bedtime Stories

In the gaping afterlife, a restless Puritan seeks purpose...or at least a use..

Seemingly abandoned by her own god, a girl returns to a former friend in search of new gods and new salvation. 

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