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The Karens

An American Satire

Virtually Premiered Summer 2021
Produced by The Muse Collective 

Directed by Michael Alvarez

The Karens-3.jpg

In high school, they were The Heathers: powerful mean girls extraordinaire. Now, they’re The Karens: privileged, bored, shrilly taking out their superficial anxieties on anybody who gets close to them.


Disgusted by the type they’ve become, three moms join together to reconnect with their inner high school selves. To be Mean Girls with a Cause: holding the privileged White Women of America to task. As they tackle privilege head-on, this trio of well-intentioned vigilantes must grapple with their own individual privileges and find a way to fight the stereotype they have come to represent without succumbing to their reawakening high school insecurities and cruelty. 


With a diverse cast, a thoughtful balance of humor and heart, this piece will playfully nurture connection and community in a time of fracture and ask how we can fight our flaws without destroying ourselves in the process.

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