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The Dueling Storyhours of Marilyn Tabernacle & Swampwitch Fierce

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The new drag queen story hour for children at the local library is met with hostility by the town’s more conservative members, especially preacher’s wife and star of the local Christian talk show/variety hour, Marilyn Tabernacle. But Swampwitch Fierce isn’t backing down without a fight. 


And then, in the thick of proposed legislation that would ban local drag performances, the head librarian facilitates a Freaky Friday-like body switch between Marilyn and Swampwitch. Now, forced into the body and lives of their own worst enemy, these two performers must figure out how much they want to pass (or even can pass) in a body that isn’t made for them and team up together to figure out how to switch back.


A thoughtful meditation on how to be yourself in a world that too-often asks you to put yourself in yet another box, The Dueling Story Hours of Marilyn Tabernacle & Swampwitch Fierce incorporates elements and moments of a verse drama.  Blending the classical, the modern, the religious, the fabulous, the heartfelt, the humorous, the fairy tale, and the real world, this zany and poignant experiment, this piece asks what tolerance really is, who our stories really shape, and what it means to find your real body and thrive. 

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